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Stop Being Busy...!!!

Posted by pranitranka on January 1, 2011 at 3:06 PM Comments comments (0)

Stop Being Busy...!!!

I remember talking to so many people during last few months who are always talk about how busy they are...!!!

Infact I guess every one is busy, being busy or at least bragging about it is kind of a fad now.Probably it makes us feel more important in eyes of others.

Really How busy we are?

Most of the time busy is simply collection of lots of un-important things over the one that really matter or are important. It might be untruefor few exceptional cases but it is applicable to most of us.

I am also not excuse to this but since I have realized it I am trying tolearn every worth of my time more than ever. I am not there yet but Iam improving. As Leo Babauta Says "Stop being busy today and you are half way done."

As soon as you make a decision your time and calender clears up automatically for the things that matters to you, things that you are passionate about or for your personal life.

Its seems impossible from our outlook of our routine but once we decide and stop acting busy and prioritize the tasks in hand it starts falling through slowly.

Stop being Busy and you are half done...!!!

Start Living,


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Celebrate your Mistakes? or Life?

Posted by pranitranka on January 1, 2011 at 2:59 PM Comments comments (0)

Celebrate your Mistakes? or Life?

Yesterday while surfing through the internet and as usual in search of quest of my life I came across this simple but very meaningful blog by Leo Babauta Why You Should Celebrate Your Mistakes.

Themessage here is very simple yet clear, How often we consider the mistake done by us as a good learning experience which can help usexcel to success or as author says brilliance?

When I startedthinking about it my thoughts started getting deeper. Now my mind wastalking about the different yet relative aspect of it, it replaced themistakes and successes to good times and bad times and started thinkingthat its fine with mistakes but how often we actually love andcelebrate our lives? In the busy lives of ours do we actually celebratelife apart from some weekend gateways and a holiday to some exoticdestination? How often we take things happening to our life positively?What really excites us about the future?

So far it was fine forme to fight with my thoughts to compare the mistakes with Life and howwe should actually think of life in first place than other things? Nowcomes the tricky situation there are learning when you do mistake whichenables you to improve moving forward, I lost my self in thoughts thatwhat life teaches us to enable us to enjoy it more and more every day?

Afterlot of brain storming the only thing i could figure out was that theworld around makes you more and more practical thinker, selfish and amean person. I am not being sadistic here but the fact is, this is whatthey call as Professional and Mature. That's not a totally badsituation to be in but that is definitely not something which can makeus happier day by day.

Then what is it which we need from life?Most simple to ask yet almost impossible to answer for most of theleaving beings present on this planet.

Well we can never saythat we have found the answer to this question but there are few thingswhich definitely matter as far a Joy of Life is Concern:

1. BeYourself, Think of it right and try to do things your way instead offollowing others. I have myself experienced this and take it from meeven when you will not always be at the better side the feeling ofachievement and learning from past mistakes will definitely be veryhigh and it will encourage and shape all your future endeavors.

2. Don't know the author of this quote but again something from which we can learn a lot:

"A man who does not think for himself, does not think at all...!"

As I earlier stated that life teaches us to be mean and selfish, beselfish and plan things for your self right in advance, be mean and seewhats right and whats wrong for you, be practical and try to do thingsyou are comfortable doing. You don't have to use these "qualities" withpeople around you to hurt them or use them, use it positively foryourself. The joy of execution will always keep you energized when theplan is right. It will get you the right amount of kick and confidencerequired to achieve your ultimate goals.

3. Show gratitude to people around you.

At least once in a Day Thank God or if you don't believe in one thenOver beloved parents or the Universe or mother earth. They allcontribute to the reason of your existence and trust me it givesimmense pleasure and peace of mind. Value every person around you asthey make essential ingredients of thing what we call life.

4. and finally something I always find my solace in:

"Love the Life you Live, Live the Live you Love"

This is something I totally believe in, I find it most important as ittells us to be satisfied and happy about our existence and achievementsat the same time it also challenges in a way to keep looking for thelife we will love or something which will make us happier than ever.

Love Current and Keep Looking for a better future and happier tomorrow...!!!

Let me know your thoughts, suggestions and views on the same.

Start Living,


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